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Duplicate entries for backflushed components in Production order

Aug 15, 2017 at 08:50 AM


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Hello all,

I have backflushed components in the production order. For backflushed components there must be only one entry for 261 movement type. But I can see 19 entries for the same component which are backflush.

Kindly let me know the reasons why the system is behaving like this.



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Attached the screen shot and the multiple entries are for certain quantity of the material

for the attached screen shot quantity 63.605 is having only one entry but 105.065 qunatity has 19 entries with same document no.

Why the system is behaving like this



multiple.png (143.8 kB)
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2 Answers

Caetano Almeida
Aug 15, 2017 at 02:49 PM


It is very difficult to tell the root cause of this issue without knowing the details about your confirmation process.

Which transaction are you using to post the confirmation? Is it possible that the user changed the goods movements manually? If this always happening or it happened only once?



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Hello Caetano

Thanks for the reply

Actually the confirmation was happening in Batch job running after every 6 mins.

I diagnosed that this confirmation job was failing with some material shortage issue.

so when there is shortage of the material for confirmation it is going in cogi and the batch job was running after every 5 mins it has populated 19 entries in cogi and the user posted cogi by selecting all entries.

So there are 19 entries for 261 movement type.

This what I analysed but the user is not happy with this.

Please let me know what I explained is right or wrong?




Hi Sagar,

One quick question in this regard, please

1.) It this issue is reported only for one Order (or) this is only example & it happening daily for many order ?

If it is one time issue & never happened before & after, then there is some issue with the, process adherence by the User(s).

If itis happening continuously & irregularly/regularly, then there is, system settings issue, need to proceed for deeper analysis ( if possible, please simulate the case in Test System & take the Technical help, to debug the sequence of the steps & updates)

Many Thanks for your kind feedback : Best Regards : Raja


Hello Raja,

This has happened only once till now. But I am able to understand the why there are duplicate entries for COGI.

I want to know the reason behind this i.e in which cases we get the duplicate entries for the COGI with same quantity.

i.e. for the quantity 105 I have 19 entries in COGI.

Please help me to understand this.

Also I want to ask to you that I am not getting quick answers is there I missed any tag

Hi Sagar,

Thanks for the quick feedback

As mentioned, this is onetime issue (which was happened only once), which is more typical & difficult for the analysis
Let us try again, to find the root cause of this issue.

Can you share(or ) Analyze, below mentioned points
Because, form the screen shot that you shared earlier, I am not able find out, many open questions..

How much was the Production Order Header Qty ?
How much is the Confirmed Qty ?
Is the Order is Confirmed completely at onetime (or) confirmed in multiple times ?
Is there any Cancel Confirmations for this Order ?
Is there any Goods Issue/Goods Receipt reversals happened for this Order
What are all the documents posted in the order Documented Goods Movement ? ( of the Order)
What is the correct COGI Qty, that is to be posted as per the Calculations ?
What are the actual COGI postings done ?
Is there any Master Data changes, happened , either the COGI component (or) the Header material ?
Does all the COGI postings are done by the Back Ground Job (or) some done by any specific User id ?
What are the COGI posting Dates & the Times , with User id ?
What are the Stock positions of the component , which is posted in COGI, before & after this reported issue ?
Is there nay returns (or) rejections happened for this Component ?
Was there any Batch Job failures, during this reported issue dates & times ?

Need to look & check for all the possible & probable case of this rare scenario
Regret the inconvenience, as this is not the positing to a precise & exact cause of the reported problem

Thanks for your understanding & let me know, if you have any feedback
Best Regards : Raja

Srini Nampelly Aug 21, 2017 at 01:16 PM

Take out the backflush indicator ('1' - Always Backflush) from MRP2 view for those components to solve your problem. Batch job will never send the entries to COGI when confirmation is getting failed.

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Hello Srini,

The user is not happy for removing the backflush indicator for the material as the indicator is set for two materials but this duplicate entries are getting populated for one component because of which the batch job was getting failed with error message as shortfall of quantity.

But if the COGI is activated then it should not cancel the batch job because of the material shortfall Right?

Please let me know how to reach to the root cause of this issue because I am unable to understand the anything now



Change your confirmation indicator from '2' to '1' in Control key that you are using in routing/operation. It will not run the same confirmation multiple times even it finds the shortages. and you will get only one entry in COGI.