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Aug 14, 2017 at 11:53 PM

Fixed asset - Asset was refurbished and costs allocated is not depreciating Why?


Hi SAP Guru's

I have a few assets that we have refurbished, it looks like we had allocated the cost for the refurb to the asset and it has not depreciated.

If i give the following example:

We have an asset purchase price of $5433 (2010) useful life 5yrs its depreciated 4.5yrs with NBV $543 (2014) remaining we then refurbished the asset with the cost of $2080 and allocated this in period 10 (2014) its now 2017 and the fixed asset register is still showing this asset with a NBV of $2623. Ideally i would like to depreciate this asset from the year we allocated the refurbished cost 2014 (but I know SAP will only post for the current period) does that mean SAP will adjust for the remaining useful life?

How can do I start the asset depreciating again at the new refurbed value? What step have I missed?




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