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Replication Server Sybase ASE to Oracle and DDL

1/ Are there any differences between Sybase Replication Server and SAP Replication Server ?

2/ Is there a possibility of replicating DDL commands between Sybase ASE to an Oracle replicate ? If, yes, what are the limitations.

3/ What are the other limitations (data types ...) when replicating from Sybase ASE to Oracle ?

4/ Which edition of the Replication Server is required in this case ?

5/ What are the compatible oracle versions and sybase ASE versions ?

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2 Answers

  • Aug 18, 2017 at 09:49 PM

    Some background:

    - the Sybase Replication Server product has been around for (at least) 20 years

    - SAP bought Sybase (the company) about 7 years ago (give or take a year?)

    - SAP has been slowly eradicating the 'Sybase' name from its product inventory


    What this means:

    - what was once called 'Sybase Replication Server' is now called (by SAP) 'SAP Replication Server' [NOTE: Long time users of the product still refer to the product as 'Sybase Replication Server' ... LONG LIVE SYBASE!! :-P ]


    Yet more confusion:

    - SAP has another product with 'Replication Server' in the name, namely, the 'SAP Landscape Transformation (SLT) Replication Server' (that's a mouthful), also referred to as 'SLT Replication Server', and in some cases simply 'SAP Replication Server' (usually by folks who only know about the SLT version and are unaware of the Sybase/SAP version)

    Soooo, which product are *you* referring to when you say 'SAP Replication Server'? The SLT Replication Server or the previously-named Sybase Replication Server? :-)

    Assuming your reference to 'SAP Replication Server' is the latter ... then there's (obviously?) no difference in the products (ie, they're the same thing).


    DDL replication

    Per the Sybase Replication Server, Heterogenous Guide (section 3.1.7) ... DDL replication is typically only supported when the primary and replicate databases are the same (eg, Oracle to Oracle).

    However, there is an exception ... per the Sybase Replication Server, Heterogenous Guide (section 14.4) ... DDL replication *is* supported when the primary database is one of {Oracle, MSSQL, IBM DB2/UDB} and the replicate is HANA. According to that same section of the manual, DDL replication is limited to:

    - create table

    - alter table (add/drop column)

    - rename table

    - drop table

    NOTE: I'm just quoting the manuals; if you need more details you'll need to a) wait for someone to respond to this Q&A with more details, b) open a case with SAP or c) try it out and see what happens.


    Datatype translations/mappings

    I'd recommend you take a look at Sybase Replication Server, Heterogenous Guide (chapter 19) for more information about which datatypes are supported in the various heterogenous scenarios.


    Supported Oracle versions

    The Sybase Replication Server, Heterogenous Guide for both of the currently supported versions (15.7.1, 16.0) have references to Oracle 10g, 11g and 12c. If you've got another Oracle version in mind then I'd suggest you contact SAP sales and/or tech support for more details.

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  • Aug 14, 2017 at 09:50 PM

    Have not use SAP SLT RS so my comments are limited to SYBASE RS.

    1. Sybase RS is log (transaction log) based ( I have read that SAP SLT RS is trigger based )

    2. DDL across two different flavors of RDBMs may not be useful except very simple SQL for table/views creation. So most probably not.

    3. There are no limitations of data types but you will need to be careful when replicating special types like identity, or LOBs, table ownership etc.

    4. Sybase RS 15.7.1 and later have licensed feature called ECO (express connect to oracle)

    This makes it easy to set up ASE to Oracle replication. ASE 15.5, 16.0 and Orcle 9/10/11/12 all are supported

    You can see the documentation of latest Sybase RS.

    Earlier Sybase RS versions supported ASE to Oracle replication with a gateway called DCO (Direct connect to Oracle)

    5. With Sybase RS 15.7.1 : you can go for the latest on either side ASE 16.x and Oracle 12.x



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