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Ariba ITK Installation on LINUX server

Aug 14, 2017 at 09:38 AM


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ITK Installation on LINUX server: Hi I am working on installation of ITK on Linux Server and referring the installation pdf available in, but the issue is I am not able to find the exact path to configure shared secret and there is no document available for installation of Ariba ITK on LINUX server.
I want to export only master data, for transactional data we are planning to use third party middleware which generate cXML file and sent it to Ariba system,Please let me know your thoughts
Can you please help on this? Regards, Jairaj Mahaling

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Can you please let us know , what is the frond end application on which Linux sever is based i.e is it Netweaver/ SAP PI on linux server or anything such ?



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Manoj K

Not sure what you are asking, but it's Linux server in which I am installing the Ariba ITK, I am referring the below document for ITK installation, I am not able find where shared secret user ID, password has to configure.

thank you...


Jairaj Mahaling

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Manoj K Aug 15, 2017 at 12:33 PM

Hi Jairaj,

What i meant is usually there will be some front end application which is built on some OS.

For EX: SAP PI system is built on UNIX/Windows OS and ITK needs to be installed in SAP PI system . So the method of installation of ITK depends on what is the front end application.

But looking at your query and description it looks like you are using standalone UNIX system.

So before you configure any Task i.e for ex: master data upload/download, transaction data upload/download the shared secret password has to be encrypted using script files and : is used to encrypt the actual password(Shared secret password) which is configured in ariba portal using some customer defined key. is the script which is used the encrypt the customer defined key which is used for encryption the shared secret password

Now once you encrypt these 2 they are placed in in your desktop in some path. Now those 2 path has to be configured in the file via which you want to transfer vile from desktop to ariba or vice versa.

Below is the screenshot of where you need to configure these 2 paths:



itk.png (32.2 kB)
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