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Aug 15, 2007 at 05:32 PM

Query Cache Persistance.


This is for version 11.5 sp3. What does dynamically changing the query cache duration using iGrid.getQueryObject().setCacheDuration(NEWVALUE); do to an existing cache? The application is to cache a query result until the end of a shift. In order to accomplish this, we are thinking of calculating the time to the end of shift when a query is used and changing the value for the cache duration accordingly. What isn't apparent is what it will do to the existing cached query results or what happens when there are multiple users for the same query results making changes to the cache duration. Is there a better way to establish the query cache duration for a specific period such as the duration of a shift rather than a relative period such as a number of hours from it's first use?

Sparks Morgan

Entegreat, Inc.