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Requirement quantity of component should be calculated as per planned order quantity after MRP

Aug 14, 2017 at 05:13 AM


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Hi All,

Our Requirement is:

In BOM the base quantity for header material(X) is 1000 nos.

component(A) quantity is 4nos.

component(B) quantity is 2nos.

Demand for material X for month of August is 100.

After MRP, planned order should have component quantity for component A and Component B as 400nos. and 200nos respectively(Multiple of planned order). But the component quantity is getting calculated as per base quantity(1000 nos.) of BOM header material.

Please suggest what all setting will be required to meet this requirement.



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2 Answers


Could you please take a look of the below screen shot, where you can understand the concept of Base Qty & Component Quantities
As shown below, in order to produce 1 PC of Hedaer Material( ST40),
I need the component Quantiites of : MATR1 >>> 1 PC & MATR2 >>> 1 PC.

If you need any other Combination, please do the changes in the Change Mode( T code : CS02) for the required Base Qty : & the Component Quantities. Then the system will follow the same , in the Planned Order creation. Also Check your Lot Size of the Finished Materials( in the Material Master >>> MRP1 View)
For any other details required, please share your BOM Header & component details screen . Thanks & Regards : Raja S Reddy

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I will explain again with screenshots-

Material 9188-035 is header material with base qty as 1000.

Component quantities are as follows-

After MRP,Component quantities calculation in generated Planned order

System is calculating the component quantities as per base qty of header material

As per my requirement the component quantity should be a multiple of planned order qty like 4*100,4*100,4*100 and 2*100 respectively for all components.

Is there any way to achieve this requirement?

Thanks and Regards,


header1.png (27.7 kB)
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Hi ,

Case 1:

If this is your requirement for all the times, Please change the Base Qty =1 of the Header Material : 9188-035
T code : CS02 ( As shown below & save).
After this correction, if you create the Planned Order, with the Planned Order Qty = 100 NOS
You component Quantities, will be picked as shown in the screen shot2
( as you require: multiple of planned order qty like 4*100,4*100,4*100 and 2*100)

Component Quntities, after your BOM Hedaer Quantity Correction,will as shown below

For the Planned Order quantity= 100 NOS

This quantities , will get automatically, which will be picked from your new BOM

Case 2 :

If you want to change only for this particular Planned Order,
Then go to change mode of the Planned Order & in the component screen ,you can change the Quantity manually, the required Quantities & save ( But, this will work only for this Planned Order)

Hope, this is clear now . Let me know, for any further details/assistance required. Thanks : Raja S Reddy

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Also, would like to inform you

This reported case is not the Error.
Currently system is working, as designed, as per your Master Data setting in the BOM.
This is the standard SAP behavior

For any other details required, kindly let me know
Thanks for your quick feedback/comments: Best Regards : Raja



Thanks for your input.

I know that this is standard system behavior.

I just wanted to know if my requirement can be achieved through any config setting (Not to be done manually) or not.

I don't want to change the component quantities manually.



Srini Nampelly Aug 14, 2017 at 06:44 PM
You are confusing with your question.. Can you read your below question

"In BOM the base quantity for header material(X) is 1000 nos.

component(A) quantity is 4nos.

component(B) quantity is 2nos."

How come planned order Quantity for component is 400 & 200 when your demand is 100 nos for header material?

To get the above numbers then your BOM should have 4000 & 2000 nos. respectively to make your header material 1000 nos.

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Hi Srini,

I want the component quantity calculation to be done based on planned order qty. not on base qty of header material.

If the header material(X) qty is 1000 in BOM and planned order qty for that header material(X) is 100

so the component qty of A and B should be multiple of planned order qty(400 and 200), not based on header material qty of BOM(0.4 and 0.2).

Is there any way to achieve this?


Is the requirement once in few orders ? or do you want it always ??


For few type of materials the base qty will be always kept as 1000. For those materials the component qty should be a multiple of planned order qty.

Can it be achieved via any standard setting?




Then why don't you setup your BOM as shown below since you know those specific materials -

Header Material 9188-035 = 1000

9190-225 = 4000
9191-044 = 4000
9197-817 = 4000
9007-391 = 2000

believe me it should work..!