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Aug 15, 2017 at 01:23 PM

Any movement type in MB51 that can book and recognize sell?


Hi All,

I have a question are there any movement that can issue (stock out) and recognize as sale. Once sale been book we need to reverse stock back to do the manual billing process (VF01).

This may sound strange but I'm in an industry that do a lot of consignment to customer and on top of that we are using 4PL service. Meaning that we have two legacy SAP in daily routine, an inventory between two system must be tally.

- Every customer accept only 4PL invoice

- We as client will invoice to 4PL partner afterward

Here are the procedure that we do at the moment and its really painful.

1. Customer provide usage log to 4PL vendor and they just post goods issue out (4PL SAP). Note thatat that time customer not release any official PO to us yet (government protocol)

2. 4PL provider key in sale order in our system (client system) they do everything until post goods issue out as to recognize sale and in sale order (No. A) they put billing block as last step.

3. Once customer have official PO, our 4PL will need to reverse back their stock in sale location and key in another sale order and billing normally. (4PL SAP)

4. In our system (client) The new sale order (No. B) will be key in but the stock need to take from the old sale order (No. A). What we do is to reverse delivery (VL09), deleted OD and put a rejection to a specific line item in sale order no. A. This way we will have our stock back and can do normal billing in sale order No. B

Above one is painful and need to do lot of work around. So do you guys have any suggestion to get rid of above process. What I think is we can do a post goods issue directly but I'm not sure if they are any movement type that can support sake recognition , sale must be book according to the division of each business unit.