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Oct 15, 2016 at 01:36 PM

BRF+ in System Landscape for SAP systems, external systems and interims systems



some questions regarding BRF+ and integration with S/4 Hana digital core.

1. I would like to know, if there is experience or recommendations on your side, regarding the performance of BRF+.

It is planned, that BRF+ should calculate based on article attributes and tax classes in purchase orders statistical conditions. The purchase orders can contain several hundreds of items. Is there a rule of thumb for the max. amount of items per purchase order, if BRF+ needs to calculate tax conditions?

2. Additionally, I have a question regarding the general architecture and integration of BRF+ in the system landscape. BRF+ would be called by BI for the creation of monthly reports. The created BRF+ rules would be called by multiple systems, BI, S/4 Hana digital core and interim external systems. As BRF+ is part of SAP NW application, I expect, that BRF+ rules can be used by and integrated with different applications, right?

3. BRF+ should be mainly used for Sales orders and purchase orders for specific calculations on defined rules. As, I read different materials, I expect, that this is the right usage for BRF+, right?

Any recommendations?

Kind regards