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Aug 15, 2007 at 08:41 AM



Hi, well i have no clue. Last Days everythings works fine, now nothing runs through XI.

In SXMB_MONI i get "Message recorded (with commit) but no success in delevering.

After checking Inbound Queue (SMQ2) i got this message:

100 XBTI0001 1 SYSFAIL 15.08.2007 10:23:31 15.08.2007 10:23:31 sapru02_DX1_00

After checking this i get the pop-up (german unfortunately):

Vorsatznummer: Eintrag für System SSID, CLNT 100 fehlt.

sth like: Missing entry for System SSID, CLNT 100.

Can somebady help? i already tried to restart the messages via RSXMB_RESTART_MESSAGES or RSQIWKEX but nothing helps.

Whats up with this system because the error describes that for this system the entry is missing....

br Jens