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Aug 15, 2007 at 07:20 AM

EP6 with Integrated ITS, Search help display on EWT Wrong


Hi All,

We have a custom developed application with a standard dialog screen. The screen uses a ABAP dictionary defined structure with a custom search help defined.

If I define a transaction a standard SAP with SAPgui for HTML support and create a Iview on this the search help is displayed in a popup window. However the colours are all SAP standard and we would need to redefine the style sheets so that it conforms to the corporations standards.

If I define another transaction as EWT for the same program and screen and create an Iview for this, we get the initial screen displayed in the corporations standard colours, but the search help does not produce a popup. It produces another page displayed in the same page frame, and the fields are all over the place.

1) How can we control the popup display in the EWT so that it conforms to the corporations standard, and/or

2) How can we control the cascading style sheet for the standard SAP tranaction, which is effectively webgui, also

3) How can we remove the application tool bar from the html generated page. That is the tool bar that contains the menu, okcode and help?

Thanks in advance for any information.

Kind Regards

David Cooper