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Aug 15, 2007 at 07:19 AM

Problem during upgrade



I'm in a process of upgrading R/3 4.6c system to ecc6.

the upgrade is ran on windows server 2003 with sql server 2000.

during the upgrade in phase - parconv_upg(already passed phase

modprof_trans) the upgrade process stops with the following error -

MVNTABS ERRORS: ddlntabs and RETURN CODE in PD990814.ELP

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~2EETP345 17:36:33: Retcode 1: SQL-error "2705-Column names in each

table must be unique. Column nam

2EETP345 e 'J_SC_SUBCONTYPE' in table 'LFB1' is specified more than

once." in DDL statement for "LF

2EETP345 B1 "

2EETP334 17:36:33: error in DDL, nametab for "LFB1" not activated

1 ETP111 exit code : "8"

i can't go into the system since it is locked (as mentioned earlier - i

already passed phase modprof_trans).the above error appeared in

parconv.elg log file.

please assist asap since this stops the upgrade process.

please let me know if you need to connect to my system - the only way

to connect to the system will be to the server itself - since as

mentioned before - the system is locked by the upgrade process.

Kind regards,