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Aug 14, 2007 at 10:14 PM

RRB issue for sales order and travel management



We are tiring to use RRB application in following scenario; I would appreciate if some one could let me know what would be the best way to configure so I will get expected result.

1) Create a sales order

a) Sales order is configured for manual pricing condition, so I can update manual pricing; along with price I have configured EK01 Condition type to capture cost.

2) I would like to book certain travel expenses in travel management and would like to capture that cost in sales orders EK01 condition type.

3) Steps performed to create this travel management document is as follows

a) Open Travel expense manager (TC : PR05) create new document

b) Update dates ( From date and to date)

c) Update Alternative cost assignment for entire trip as Sales order number, and line item number 10

d) Consider Exp Key, post certain cost and save the trip.

e) Please approve new trip number, settle that and go to transaction PRRW for posting.

f) Create new posting run, update required information and save it.

g) Once posting run got created then post this to financial document.

Now, my requirement is that whatever cost I have posted, I would like to capture this cost in EK01, and I would like to run RRB for this particular sales document.

I do anticipate, while executing DP90 or DP91 it should capture this cost and create a billing request. But in this scenario when I am executing same it is popping up error message that “no Expenditure is available for this line item”.

Iy any one need configuration document please let me know I will send.

I am not sure where we are going wrong, apart from this is we are missing something then your advice would be very appreciable.