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How to delete and load the data into SAP BW system


I want to load the data into BW target from SQL server source.

In the BW we created the data source and successfully load the data.

But If I want to delete the data in the BW and want to load it again there is no delete before loading option in the BW target table.

If I want to load the delta loads into BW systems then how can we achieve?

We have one project to load the data from non SAP source systems to BW system for EPM projects.

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    Aug 16, 2017 at 01:17 PM

    Hi Venkata Ramana Paidi,

    When you are loading to BW target, You can load upto BW PSA only (BW staging area). BW team will take care of loading from PSA to BW cubes using DTPs and PROCESS CHAINS.

    You Dont need to delete data from BW PSA. because every time you load data to BW target it create a request for every load in PSA and data will be avalable in that request. Suppose you executed load 2 times then there will be 2 PSA requests for that Target BW Infosource and you can ask BW team to pick the latest request. Or else you can ask BW team to delete the request , if they delete then the data will be deleted.

    If you want to perform Delta load, you should have record insert date,update columns in your source table itself which tracks insert date and update of each record in source, so you can only extract records only the records which are inserted and updated from the last successful execution date of the job. or you can load delta records to a staging table from source and then load to BW target using this staging table as source. or else try if you can create CDC on your source database and load only inserted and updated records to BW Infosource.


    Ravi kiran.

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    • For performing delta loads, you can consider (one or a combination of) 5 following options:

      • Use last_modification timestamps in the source tables. Keep track of the timestamp(s) that you used in the previous incremental extraction (use a control table for that), initialise global variable and use them in the where-clause of your Query transforms.
      • Use a log table. Many systems log modifications in so called log-tables. The actual table modified does not contain the timestamp, but the log table does. Join the tables and proceed as above.
      • Use the built-in CDC-mechanisms of the source database;
      • Use specific CDC software, like SLT Replication Server.
      • If none of those apply, do a full load, keep the copy of the previous run, and calculate the delta yourself. Then apply transformations to the delta only.

      With SAP as a source, there’s a 6th option, too:

      • Leverage delta-enabled Business Content Extractors