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Oct 10, 2016 at 01:25 PM

Deploy FIORI Launchpad 2 times

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Hello everyone,

after reading some blogs and articles and searching the old/new community I would like to ask a general/technical question about FIORI Launchpad.

Q1: "Is it possible to deploy two FIORI Launchpads on one environment?"

Q2: "Can I use the FIORI Launchpad BSB Application (and the backend componentes) just as a 'branch' for a completely new application."

Q3: "Does someone have already experience or examples of Launchpad modifications?"

My Question is technically motivated. I'm aware of the main intention of the FIORI Launchpad as the "one entry point" and so on. And that I would be responsive for upgrade my application in case I would like to use new Launchpad Features.

But let's imagine...

  • we have a Business Case/Story/Demand for a standalone application.
  • the application should be represented by a tile in the launchpad
  • after clicking on the tile the App should be opened
  • the application could be a FIORI App/SAPUI5 Application
  • the functionality of the application would be basically the same as the launchpad itself: Show me some tiles, allow me to add new tiles from a cataloge, allow me to rearrange the tiles, create groups and rearrange the tiles...

Let's say we want to develop a nice looking "Favortire adress book" with a tile design. The main screen of my app shows photos/faces of the colleagues. I can create new groups to rearrange the persons or go to the "overall" adressbook and add new colleagues to my App. I definitely don't need this View on my overall-company Launchpad, but It's a nice App for me to browse colleagues and e.g. their phone numbers (see the attached mockup).

Note: Please keep in mind, that it's a really hypothetical question for now and the "Business Case/User Story I describe is made out for a better understanding - so we don't need to discuss the benefit from such an App =)

So before completely develop the described app ... would it be possible to use the FIORI Launchpad Code as a start/ branch?

I hope my question is understandable with the example.

Thanks, looking forward to your answers and the discussion.

BR Alex


mockup.png (22.0 kB)