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Hybrid kapsel offline - “Update entity request failed because provided entity does not exist”

Hi All,

We are developing SAPUI5 hybrid offline application for Android. Currently, we are facing an issue while doing service call(Update) for Offline tasks. Requesting help to solve the issue.

Issue: We developed a Master detail kapsel offline template application consuming Odata service from SAP. In that we have GET and PUT calls, when we run from web ide both service calls are happening correctly.

We packaged it as hybrid app and tested it in android mobile/emulator. We are able to get the data(both in online and offline) but when we do update we receive below error(Online).

Error message:

“Update entity request failed because provided entity does not exist”

*Update entityset is available in metadata.xml file. Also we checked the offline db file stored in Android and found the update entity set available in the metadata_doc & entity_sets tables.

*Used http sniffer and found that update request is not passed to the server from emulator. This suggests that the code fails within the app.

*We tried checking the application log from the app folder in emulator but couldnt find much in that log as it looks encrpyted and only partially readable. Sharing the log part where it captured error in the log which is not fully readable to pick the hint where the error exactly occurs.

Log entry from application.log

"rootContextIdq ~ L sourceNameq ~ L timeZonet Ljava/util/TimeZone;L transactionIdq ~ L userq ~ xp t  t 760438066d484657b4c11382014ac6fcsr java.util.DatehjKYt xpw ]ØÉ(xppt $eb7e7b07-5604-4753-bd4b-0b7ff4ee4550p~r  xr java.lang.Enum  xpt ERRORt U[-10107] The update entity request failed because the provided entity does not $ libcore.util.ZoneInfoÀ. *ëgp I mDstSavingsI mEarliestRawOffsetI mRawOffsetZ mUseDst[ mIsDstst [B[ mOffsetst [I[ mTransitionst [J[ mTypesq ~ xr java.util.TimeZone1³éõwD¬¡ L IDq ~ xpt Asia/Calcutta e@.À ur [B¬óøTà xp  ur [IMº`&vê²¥ xp  x  ur [Jx µ±u“ xp ÿÿÿÿÊÛ†°ÿÿÿÿÌqÿÿÿÿÌ•2¨ÿÿÿÿÒt˜uq ~  pp"

UI5 Code

var sPath = "/ApproveSet('" + inspLot + "')";

var mParameters = { context: {},
success: function(oSuccess) {"Usage decision " + txt + " for Inspection lot " + inspLot + " is successfully submitted", sap.m.MessageBox .Icon .SUCCESS, "SUCCESS"); 
var dialog = sap.ui.getCore().byId("idDialogAR");
dialog.close();  },

error: function(oError) {;
var dialog = sap.ui.getCore().byId("idDialogAR");
dialog.close();  }, 
merge: false // Default };
var model = this.getView().getModel(); 
model.update(sPath, oData, mParameters);
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