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Summary of Multiple issues with COMPARE_CONTEXTS_WITH_JOINS universe parameter


The purpose of this entry is to keep alive the discussion about the multiple issues recentely caused by the universe parameter COMPARE_CONTEXTS_WITH_JOINS

Below post dicussions have summarized following points:

  • a: Default values was N until 4.1 SP7 but changed to Y in 4.1 SP8 (see discussion 1)
  • b: Reports shows prompt context when parameter is set to N despite that tables involved are the same on all queries (see discussion 2) (4.1 SP6 - 4.2 SP3)
  • c: Reports shows prompt context when parameter is set to Y despite that all tables and joins involved are the same on all contexts (see discussion 1) (4.1 SP8)

(1) 4.1 SP8 - Context Prompt Issue linked to universe parameter COMPARE_CONTEXTS_WITH_JOINS =Y

(2) Report now prompting for Universe Context Selection (COMPARE_CONTEXTS_WITH_JOINS)

Despite we opened a ticket some time ago we were not able to receive a clear answer about what is going on with this parameter and it's erratic behaviour that (unfortunately)has a huge impact on report behaviour. Our customer has requested us to stop any upgrade prior to ensure that no unexpected prompt will appear beacuse this parameter.

Can people provide its feedback about previous issues on their current release?

Suggested answer:

- release (including major release/service pack/patch) (e.g: 4.1 SP6 Patch 1)

- default value of COMPARE_CONTEXTS_WITH_JOINS universe parameter (Y/N)

- Issues related with unexpected prompt context (e.g: NO/Yes (paramter value in the universe))

Thanks in advance for your collaboration,


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1 Answer

  • Posted on Feb 14, 2017 at 08:52 AM


    We are currently now upgrading the 4.1 SP7 platform to 4.2 SP3 and seems that bizarre behaviour of COMPARE_CONTEXTS_WITH_JOINS universe parameter persists. Tow main differences arise after upgarde regarding this "famous" parameter

    -default value: It was "Yes" on 4.1 SP7 and has moved to "No" on 4.2 SP3 (??) -this parameter does not even appear on IDT documentation we must assume it is no longer supported ?-

    -Multiple queries that worked fine before have started to show context prompt questions on its execution (with no sense because we have checked that the query was the same for all contexts selected). Problem may be workarounded changing the COMPARE_CONTEXTS_WITH_JOINS to the new default value "No" (This was the answer of SAP support to my ticket)

    To summarize: I have been able to manage the issue but I am afraid about how SAP is managing the changes on universe parameters (default value, behaviour,....). Could someone provide more explanations about what is happening here?


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