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How to add MARA-ATTYP in MOVE derivation step or any derivation rule/s as condition?

Aug 11, 2017 at 04:46 PM


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I want to create a derivation step[could be MOVE,Table Look-up etc..]that should pick up characteristics values of variant material/configurable material[variant class would be 001 or 300] from sale order configuration and assign the characteristic values to user defined characteristics in CO-PA.

The condition should be: That derivation rule should be based on MARA-ATTYP. I should be able to select a value[let's assume I would prefer "00"].

I am not able to find any standard derivation step[MOVE,Table look-up,Derivation rule] which can address this functionality.

For example:

CO-PA user defined characteristic = WWXYZ = Color of T-Shirt

T-Shirt is maintained as a material[via MM01]

Note - The system landscape also consist Article[maintained via MM41]

Sale Order's configurable characteristic value = RED

Intended derivation step should populate WWXYZ with RED provided MARA-ATTYP='00'.

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2 Answers

MALAY VAKIL Aug 12, 2017 at 09:36 AM

Hi Debasis,

You can try below steps to resolve your issue

- Write custom derivation steps

- through Table lookup pass MARA- ATTYP value in global temp. characteristics USERTEMP1

- In second derivation step use USERTEMP1 char. as condition type


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Hello Malay,

Thanks for the suggestion.

I defined a table look-up as follows:

Then, I used the USERTEMP1 in derivation rule:

With condition:

Still, the sale order created for a generic article is not having the derived P-Seg.

Below is the account assignment screen for the generic article line within the sale order:

However, it is observed that for all of the variant articles[ATTYP='02'], the P-Seg is getting populated/derived, automatically.

Does this mean that: As per SAP FMS standard, generic articles[with item category TAG] will not be having P-Seg assigned against them?


Debasis Majumder.

picture-1.jpg (113.9 kB)
picture-2.jpg (77.2 kB)
picture-3.jpg (65.8 kB)
picture-4.jpg (82.5 kB)
picture-4.jpg (82.9 kB)

Hi Debasis,

I am not sure but try to derive psegment manually. if it will work then can find out reason, why psegement is not derived in particular case


Waman Shirwaicar
Aug 16, 2017 at 08:15 AM

Dear Debasis,

Please refer the note 1344848 - Derivation of Variant configuration characteristics

regards Waman

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Hello Waman,

Thanks for mentioning the note.

I followed the note to derive variant characteristics.

Point I wish to mention, again, is we are working with article and material.

The derivation strategy mentioned in the note is working well for materials.

Wherever, article will come into picture, same derivation rule creates problem.


Debashish Majumder