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Aug 13, 2007 at 01:57 PM

RSPC_PROCESS_FINISH how to set instance parameter?


We use the rsprocess programm to open a selfwriten programm in a processchainstep. then we finish this processchainstep with RSPC_PROCESS_FINISH.



i_logid = g_logid

i_chain = g_chain

i_type = g_type

i_variant = g_variant

i_instance = g_instance

i_state = g_state

i_eventno = g_eventno

i_hold = g_hold.

every parameter is filled with the exception of g_instance.

All worked well in BW 3.5 but now in BW7.0 we get the errormessage:

13.08.2007 15:35:51 Process did not report an instance -> no log E RSPC 57

13.08.2007 15:35:51 Job cancelled after system exception ERROR_MESSAGE A 00 564

Because RSPC_PROCESS_FINISH needs an filled instanceparameter in BW7.0

So my question is what should i write into the instanceparameter? i tried to get the instance from rspcprocesslog, but there the instance field is also empty.