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Hybris Marketing Workflow for Campaigns


I am new to workflows and am working on the Hybris Campaign workflow and had few queries related to it WS16800002.

1. It only allows you to select only one approver per campaign despite multiple people having the approval role assigned. I would want to have the old logic of workitems where i can send the same item to multiple people more or less based on a RULE or ROLE. I can see that the standard workflow provided has an agent determination option by ROLE but not used as standard. so i went ahead to copy the standard and modify it which brings me to my seconds problem.

2. Once i copy the standard workflow and made the agent determination as General task"the only step i do after i copy" and try to execute the workflow as is, it doesn't trigger any sort of approvals. It simply starts and gets completed without triggering the flexible workflow inside hence no approvals triggered(SWI1 Image attached). I went ahead to make a new workflow watched some videos on youtube to create a basic one but landed onto my third problem.

3. After i created a basic approval workflow which works fine in the backend but the problem comes up on the front end. After i submit it i can see a work item pending on my name in backend and on front end app header level as well but as soon as i open the app there is nothing inside. I close the app i can see the count of open work items once again on the tile but nothing when i open up the app. while they still exists in the backend un-touched. Image shows 2 items on Marketing Approval Tile but on opening the app nothing is displayed and it reads (0).

Any advice on how i could fix or work around with these issues would be appreciated.



wi-text.png (11.3 kB)
wf-approvals.png (82.4 kB)
wf-app.png (20.8 kB)
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4 Answers

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    Aug 31, 2017 at 02:09 PM

    I managed to figure it out.

    this basically requires some configuration at SPRO. where you can configure the filter settings to allow all custom Workflows and Tasks to be visible in the Marketing approval app.

    so first step: for custom task

    goto SPRO path SAP Gateway Service Enablement->Content->Task Gateway->Task Gateway Service->Scenario Definition.

    choose the default scenario of CUAN_MARKETING_APPROVALS and open the Task Definition for scenario. There you will see two default tasks already maintained. Simply add a new entry of similar LOCL type with your new custom Task ID.

    Step 2: for custom Workflow

    goto SPRO path SAP Gateway Service Enablement->Content->Workflow Settings->Maintain Task Names and Decision Options.

    Add a new entry here for your custom workflow along with the decision step id as per workflow and maintain the decision keys as required or copy the standard ones.

    Now login to front end and open the Marketing Approvals app.

    All the tasks pending for a user will be visible.



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    • Hi Venkat,

      Sorry for the late reply was on holiday first and then busy with a client hence not much active here.

      Nevertheless, does the problem still exist or you managed to fix it.

      If yes, then great :)

      If it still exists then can you please confirm if the workflow i simply a copy workflow of the standard one or you created a completely new one. If its a copy then you may need to maintain additional setting in SPRO under flexible workflow. You can find the node at following path SPRO->SAP Netweaver->Application Server->Business Management->Flexible Workflow->Scenario Activation. Can you please try to maintain the entry for your custom workflow here and see if it reflects. Also the Marketing Approval app is pre-set to only Campaign specific tasks and TG unless you maintain the settings for your workflow and Task as well, that is why you see more items at tile level and less when you open it.

      Can you please also try with the below link before you make the above changes. The below link displays the hybris Inbox rather than only Campaign tasks.


      Also, check the note 2118812 on how to setup the hybris as inbox.



  • Apr 23, 2018 at 01:30 PM


    FYI: Multi Step Approval and multiple approvals are now supported in standard since the 1708 Release.

    You can.

    1. Specify multiple approvers in the Manage Workflow App.

    2. Specify multiple steps each with its own optional condition in the Manage Workflow App.

    3. Configure, if approval is required by one or all approvers.

    4. Much more...

    For more information please see


    Faraaz Haslani

    Product Owner, hybris Marketing.

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    Former Member
    Aug 21, 2017 at 04:49 PM

    Have u assigned roles to WF and task...

    Check PFTC -> WS = 16800002 -> Change -> Additional Data Tab -> Agent Assignment -> Maintain -> Create Agent Assignment (F5)

    Repeat for TS Standard Task = 16807917.

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    • Hi,

      the standard WF is already set as General task which should be visible to all users.

      The problem i now have is with the copy workflow. Once i copy the standard WF into custom one i am not able to trigger the decision step which is inside the flexible workflow. I have already set the custom WF as well to general task so it can be used by all users.



  • Aug 04, 2018 at 07:23 PM

    Hi Vineet,

    We are using 1709 On prem Version.

    When I am trying to use the Marketing Approval App, I am getting the following error below as Screen-1.

    When I trying to open the Marketing Approvals app. I am getting the following error.

    Can you please suggest what need to do,?

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