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Set up SAP solution manager system in LMDB?

Oct 10, 2016 at 01:00 PM


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Hi all ,

I am stuck in system preparation for Set up SAP solution manager system in LMDB with

warning :- Check ABAP stack in LMDB and Check JAVA stack in LMDB?


please any suggestion.


Ashish Chanekar

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Hello Ashish,

There are 2 questions for the same issue.

Can you close this one, please?




hi Yuksel ,

sorry for that but can you help me to what is the procedure to check ABAP or JAVA stack in LMDB?


Ashish chanekar


Hi Ashish

Did you register the ABAP and JAVA stack in the SLD that is assigned to SAP Solution Manager? You should maintain RZ70 in the ABAP stack so it points to the host & port of the SLD where you wish to register the ABAP stack, for the JAVA stack, you should maintain (depending on the version either in visual administrator the data supplier service or in /nwa on the java stack the destination for the SLD + data supplier configuration)

An example:

The SLD is then supposed to synchronize the system data to your SAP Solution Manager system into LMDB.

I've not seen this error message so I'm not sure why the system throws it, you might have done the above. The next thing I would advise you to check then is that the system is properly defined (and identified) in LMDB. You can run transaction LMDB in sapgui to call up LMDB, then navigate to each system and check if the system is properly defined there.

Which version of SAP Solution Manager are you running here?

Best regards



Hi Tom ,

thanks for your reply now i am going to fallow your procedure and my sap solution manager 7.1 with SPS 14.


Ashish chanekar.

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1 Answer

ashish chanekar Oct 17, 2016 at 09:41 AM

Hi all,

First of all thanks for your reply

My issue has been resolve now what happen in Set up SAP Solution Manager in LMDB i am pick up wrong system in SET the administrative role of the system i.e Productive when we pick up Test System issue resolve.



Ashish Chanekar

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