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Transport of entire DC by other user


I have created and deployed my BPM component via NWDI which also takes care of transports.

Once all the objects are created (&built), they are visible in Activity list. Once they are checked in, they get moved to the Transport List ready to be exported by the developer to attached to CTS+ Transport Request. I have not moved them yet to Q.

Now another user can download the DC and makes some changes and checks in his changes. Can he transport entire dc to Q if he wants. As for him, only the objects which are going to change in the activity list would be visible to check and not "all" the files relevant for that BPM to execute successfully in the target system.


Anirudh Vyas

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3 Answers

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    Aug 13, 2017 at 09:23 AM

    Deployable Export is fine so far you have selected Activities as a transport granularity. What you have asked about in the initial forum thread description is possible with Deployable Export / Transport strategy - Activity. This has to be set in the CM Services, on the Development Configuration - but before the latter is imported in the NWDS.

    If you have implemented Deployable Export with DC or SCA - then it will be exported SDA or SCA to be deployed. This is will demand the activation and releasing of all the predecessors activities.

    Souce Export is another matter. It provides you more flexibility. For example there are DTR workspaces in TEST and PROD as well. This makes possible the change of the source code even on PROD level.

    Please read carefully the entire chapter 4 of the above mentioned document.

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    • "The situation is that we have many DC under a Software Components many belonging to other users.

      No changes were done to other user's DC."

      Even if the DC is not changed, when a DC is referred by the custom code in the activity, this DC will go in the transport request and has to be rebuilt. So even if the DC is not changed "it had to be rebuilt because it depends on the changed SDA". This will be included in the TR, so the central CBS to rebuild all the affected SDAs.

      Yet, if there are no changes in a particular DC, then this very same DC is not part of any activity, isn't it? Then there will be no predecessor activity neither.

      About this thread

      the problem was that the source code has not been included in the Export.

      The transport strategy is on SCA level (not on Activity) and the author was transporting on SCA level. He has been doing an SCA export.

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    Aug 14, 2017 at 11:17 PM

    Hi Milen,

    I have gone thru the material a couple of times and this is my understanding.

    There are basically three angularities of export.

    1. SCA

    2. SDA

    3. Activties

    SCA: Since all the DCs exist under a Software Component in NWDS, if you export it as SCA, every DC would get exported under it will get attached to the TR. This happens only via Export Service UI. I have seen that in the UI Wizard, there is no control on which DC to select or de-select. You don't even see them. You only see the SC which you want to attach to TR.

    SDA: This is not checked in our case, as SAP raise it as risk because when you deploy only an SDA, it could lead to build failure/inconsistency as SAP does not do dependency check in this mode.

    Activities: In this case, if you do a minor change in any object, NWDI finds out relevant dependency and create an SDA with all impacting deployable components. "The system evaluates all development components that are affected by your activity and the respective SDA files will be packed in a DIP-file and this will be attached to the transport request. An SDA can either become part of a DIP-file because it is directly affected by the activity that is released or because it had to be rebuilt because it depends on the changed SDA." -

    We have configured only DEV in NWDI and hence not using Source Export.

    So, if the user makes a little change in his object, checks-in and release, it would create sda of the entire deployable Unit (BPM in this case) and attach it as DIP file to the TR.

    Is this statement correct?

    Thanks in advance for your response.


    Anirudh Vyas

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  • Aug 12, 2017 at 02:26 PM

    It depends what kind of transport option you have implemented with the CTS+ (TMS - CM Services)

    If you have implemented Transport of Activities - this scenario is possible. The 2nd developer will activate and release only the activity and it will not be requested any predecessors activities to be released with it.

    Else, the transport granularity is on DC or Software Components and then the developer will need to wait till all the predecessors activities (if there are any) are released.

    Please refer to this document, chapters 4.1 and 8.2 where this is explained,

    How To... Configure CM Services in SAP NetWeaver 7.3 and Up

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    • Former Member

      Hi Milen,

      Thanks for inputs. We have configured Deployable Export in our Transport Setting (CM Service). So turns out, this is not an option in our scenario.


      Anirudh Vyas.