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Aug 13, 2007 at 04:18 AM

to develope an alv report or module pool and field link.. and effor require



I want to display the fields with sort functionality with fields

kunnr kna1 table

name1 kna1

and email id from table ADR6 field SMTP_ADDR

my question ison mapping

from kna1 we can get field kunnr and name1

and adrnr

to put in adr6 to fetch email id

can anyoe suggest on select statements link as table kna1 has one unique kunnr

but it can have multiple name1 and adrnr

so how to pick the kunnr ,name 1 and adrnr from table kna1 and map to

adr6 table

as witinn the table kna1 there can be multiple name1 related to one single kunnr

so wil it be like

select kunnr from kna1..into it_kunnr

then select nam1 from table kna2 for all entrirs in It_kunnr

or firse selet kunnr name1 from kna1 into table it_kunnr

pls suggest an appropiat select statament

and i suppose this can be achevied by alv report no need for moudle pool