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Aug 11, 2007 at 11:31 AM



Interview questions.

1)Scenario: get matnr field in selection screen using parameters.

select matnr from mara ,maktx from makt database tables and get the

output as matnr and maktx.How to do this? Can anyone tell me how we can do this using INner join and For all entries. plz give both scenarios.

2)Scenario: U have created a Ztable in Se11. how user can enter data

into the database table ,user donot have access to se11.

3)Interviewer: i have a report in development system and i have

completed the report, Now i want to transfer this report into some

other system. How to do this?Who will transfer the report from one

system to other system.

4)What is the use of At selection-screen output event?Can we use it for

validating a field on selection-screen,If Yes How?

5) can anybody give some sample coding of

At selection-screen on field

At selection-screen endof seltab,What is this seltab?

At selection-screen value request

At selection-screen help request

At selection-screen radio button radii

At selection-screen on block

At selection-screen output.

What are there uses and sample coding.