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Aug 10, 2017 at 10:40 AM

Scheduling in Process order with Setup Time and Machine Time


Dear All,

I have a business requirement where my Scheduling for Process Order should include Setup Time and Machine Time.

I have completed the following steps:

  • I Managed to use the Standard Setup Time and Machine Time as a new Standard Value Key.
  • I used the Standard Formula for Scheduling View and Capacity view for Setup and Machine Time in the Work Center.
  • In the receipe i have provided the Value for the Setup time and Machine Time.
  • I have created the Production Version assignment of Receipe and BOM.

When i try to do a Detailed scheduling of the Planned order or Process Order i am not able to fine the Scheduling with Setup time and Machine Time.

Scheduling works fine:

  • But when i create a Work center with the Standard value key with Parameter as Duration and use the Standard Formula for Duration, the Planned Order and the Process Order in Scheduling.

Is this a Standard Behaviour that we cannot have Setup time and Machine time as Scheduling Parameter for Process Order? and only Processing is possible in Process Order?

Thank you.