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Aug 11, 2007 at 06:47 AM

problem in looping


hi experts,

I am working with QM now.Charcteristics are created for material during creating material; itself.But in quality all the charcteristics will not be checked.

take this scenario.

material nut has 4 characters carbon,sulphur,stress and weight.

and it will displayed in charcter table .

table name tab1.

charno name

10 carbon

20 sulphur

30 stress

40 weight

but only carbon and weight test is conducted .so the result text will have only two rows ie the results .

table name : tab2.

charno result

10 .15

40 .50

since the other two test is not conducted the values will not come .

i need an itab which has result like this

charno value

10 .15

20 Nil

30 Nil

40 .50

what shall i do .