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Aug 11, 2007 at 06:24 AM

regarding select statements



good morning..

here is a requirement.

i want to retrieve data from the following table.but how to join these table is my dought.

tables fields



t001w--werks " plant id

t001w--name1 " pl;ant name

t001w--regio " plant address

ekko--ebeln " purchase order

ekko-erdat : creation date

ekko-ernam "name of the person

ekpo-ebelp " item

ekpo-bstyp "purchase order type

eket-erdat " delivery date

mara-matnr " material number

these are the tables and we want to retrive data from these tables

how we have to code select statement.

selection-screen is

plant id

order type

delivery date

please provide select statement for this requirement.

thanks and regards.

k.swaminath reddy.