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Aug 10, 2007 at 08:06 PM

Unable to determine the value of component ''! Workflow error, please help


Hi All:

I am getting the error "Unable to determine the value of component ''" and workflows are not getting processed. I found OSS notes 879100 related to this issue but I am new to workflow and not sure where to start from! Here is the notes description:


The workflow WS20500025 ('Service Connection Order Processing') encounters an error directly after being started. The following error messages are displayed in the workflow log:

SWP102: Error at start of an IF branch

WL821: Work item 000000100012: Object FLOWITEM method EXECUTE cannot be executed

SWF_RUN535: Error '9' when calling service 'SO_OBJECT_SEND'

SWF_RUN534: Problems occurred when generating a mail

WL863: Notification of completion cannot be generated

SWF_EXP_001073: Unable to determine the value of component 'QUOTATION'

SWF_EXP_001072: Error in the evaluation of expression '<???>' for item 1

SWF_RLS_001101: Operator 'GT': The value of the left operand cannot be determined

SWP085: Error when starting work item 000000100012

SWP010: Error when evaluating the IF condition for node 0000000075

Other terms

Service connection processing, service connection workflow

Reason and Prerequisites

This is due to a program error.

The checks in the workflow Basis have been made stricter. A query of the type 'Quotation.number > 0' now causes an error if the container element 'Quotation' is not set. This is always the case if the workflow is is running without quotation prcessing, for instance.


The error is corrected in the next Support Package.

If you want to implement the corrections manually in your system, change the condition in step 000075 of workflow WS20500025 as follows:

&IS-U: Kundenangebot& EX

and &IS-U: Kundenangebot.Verkaufsbeleg& > 0

Save and activate the workflow.


I am new to workflow and not sure where to start from! Could someone please help me with this? Rewards assured.