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Aug 10, 2007 at 05:37 PM

DTW - Document Import - Imported Prices Are Not Used in SAP


Let me explain my problem with an example:

In SAP an item with code 'T0001' as an example.

In pricelist 1 the price of 'T0001' is set to 1000,00 EUR.

With DTW I import a document with 'T0001' in Document_Lines.xls.

There I set columns

'Quantity' to 1,

'Price' to 1100.00,

'PriceAfterVAT' to 1309.00 (i.e. 19% VAT) and

'LineTotal' to 1100.00 (total of line not incl. VAT).

The import is successful -

but in the document imported to SAP 'T0001' is calculated only

on basis of the price defined in pricelist 1 (1000,00 instead of


What can I do that all prices in the document are calculated based

on the prices imported with DTW?

Thank you for your help

Frank Romeni