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Aug 10, 2007 at 04:35 PM

Enhancement: Append Fields to Types Structure Fails


Hi all,

need some help.

It seems weird that this enhancement could not be checked correctly although i compared it with the copied version.

  • Typen

TYPES: BEGIN OF t_show_vzzbepp.


TYPES: shwhr TYPE waers, " Hauswährung

icon_jonlaen TYPE icon_jonlaen, " Icon für JONLAEN

icon_sreorg TYPE icon_sreorg, " Icon für SREORG

color(3) TYPE c, " Farbe

x_mark TYPE c, " Markierung für Änderung

n_tabix LIKE sy-tabix," Referenz zur Bewegung

  • Erweiterung für die Simulation der Korrekturbuchung

sold_new TYPE tb_sold_new, " Datensatz alt / neu

"""""""*"""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""$"$SE:(1 ) Typ T_SHOW_VZZBEPP, End S

$$-Start: (1 )----



ENHANCEMENT 2 ZISB_LFVD_ALVF01. "inactive version

*Additional fields

zsprice(16) TYPE p DECIMALS 2,

zunepft(16) TYPE p DECIMALS 2,


$$-End: (1 )----



END OF t_show_vzzbepp.

It dishes out standard "comma without preceeding colon (after zsprice(16))".

Im guessing its because of "tb_sold_new," 's colon?

This is an enhancement to LFVD_ALVTOP at function group FVD_ALV.