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Oct 10, 2016 at 01:38 PM

setAxisScaling overrides setAxisScaling on a different axis


It appears the setAxisScaling method which you can call on an infochart will override the axis scaling for a different axis.

When calling the method, the parameters are setAxisScaling(which axis, min, max). So, if you wanted to change BOTH axis of your chart, you would need to call this twice, like the following example:

CHRT_OUTLIERS.setAxisScaling(ChartAxisScaling.Y_AXIS, <ymin>, <ymax>);

CHRT_OUTLIERS.setAxisScaling(ChartAxisScaling.X_AXIS, <xmin>, <xmax>);

But, only the second method takes effect. You can swap the order, but again, only the second will take effect.

It may be worth noting that its completely possible that the first one *does* take effect, but just gets overwritten once the second method runs. It seems more like when you call the method, it resets BOTH axis, but is only able to update the one you specify in the parameters, which means you always end up with one axis you can't specify.

Tammy Powlas found the following issue, but I dont think its the same:

Any thoughts on a work around?