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Aug 10, 2007 at 12:00 PM

Actions with more the one Partner



I have an activity which can have more the one Contact Person (Partner Function 00000015).

My requirement is to send a smart form to each Contact based on his Standard Communication Channel via an action.

Additional if the Comm. Channel is INT (Mail) I have to add the Smartform as attachment and set the body of the mail.

Right now I have found out following.

There is an action processing type called “External Processing”, but in this type I cannot set a processing class there is only a BADI. Unfortunately in this BAdi it is not possible to send an email with body and attachment.

Next thing I tried is to setup 2 Actions one as “Send Smart form Fax” and one “Send Smart form mail” and check in the “Schedule Condition” if the Std. Comm. Channel is Mail or Fax. However in the Condition Container there is the Contact available but it is always the main contact not the actual processed contact.

Any Ideas how I can stop the scheduling of the action for contacts where the Std. Comm. Channel is not suitable, or how can I stop the processing in the processing class correctly.