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Oct 14, 2016 at 07:55 PM

BPC Script coding using variables


Hi all,

I'm having a Problem with BPC script code right now. I want to create a package that can allocate signed values from one account to another. The definitions for source and target Dimension Settings should be maintained in the dimension (account).

Here is an example:


111 555 AB NA

222 444 AC NA

ACC is the ID of dimension Account. ACC-Source is a dimesnion property of account Dimension. As well as BT-Source and BT-Target.

What I want to reach is that the values for ACC 555 with BT = AB will be copied to ACC 111 and BT NA.The same for ACC 444 and BT AC which should be copied to ACC 222 with BT = NA.

I had a look at several script code documenation and examples but were not able to implement a script thats working properly. Using the filter/Parameter criteria from the dimension properties makes it reallyhard for me.

Am I trying something which isn't possible with script coding? Much appriciated for your support.