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create inspection lot automatically after MIGO

Aug 13, 2017 at 05:39 AM


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we need to have inspection lot after doing reserve(MB21) and doing MIGO when material has been return from contracting vendor.We used Mvt. 542 to do reserved, but it doesn't create Ins.Lot.


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Please try to use Google search with the term "inspection returns subcontracting componenet" in You may be able to find an answer in the results from existing content.



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2 Answers

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Craig S
Aug 14, 2017 at 01:55 PM

Your inspection lot generation is linked to the material movements.

542 is not set up by SAP with any type of inspection origin in config so it cannot be used to generate inspection lots.

For the MB21 you'd have to look at the material movements after doing the MB21 and determine the material movement used. Then look at config and see if the material movement has an inspection origin assigned to it. If it doesn't, you can't get an inspection lot created automatically when the movement is done.

You might need to see if a follow-up transaction can be done, say, an MB1B using a 322 movement type.


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Srini Nampelly Aug 17, 2017 at 08:52 PM

You can assign the movement type '542' under 'Deactivate Quality Inspection for a Movement Type' similar to other movement types. then you will get the inspection lot created when you receive material from subcontract vendor.

Here is the IMG path - Quality Management --->Inspection Lot Creation---->Inspection for Goods Movement ----> '

Deactivate Quality Inspection for a Movement Type'



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Sorry.. this is an incorrect statement. There is no ability to "assign" the movement type in that config path. It's already there. There is no inspection origin assigned to the movement type 542 so even if you were able to activate or deactivate it in the path provided, it would have no affect.

Please verify and research your answers before posting or at least add a comment that you weren't able to verify this in your system and its just a guess.