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Aug 11, 2017 at 05:18 PM

CAD attachment, xml empty

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Hi Gurus,

Regarding the CTI,

My requirement, to read the call history (i.e. please pres 1 to payment section, press 2 to change the address, press 3 to pay with a debit card, press 4 billing information.. etc ) and show all this history within in the webclient.

I am able to receive the call, but when I try to get this history information, I cannot reach it.

What I did was set a breakpoint within


and variable ev_transfer is comming empty.

I've checked and I've this customizing


my attribute is configured in my Z profile

Does anybody know if this is the proper way to get the CAD xml data to get call history.

Any help is useful.

Thanks in advance

Regards, Diego


captura1.jpg (104.0 kB)
captur3.jpg (86.2 kB)
captur2.jpg (80.3 kB)