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Adding an OWOR UDF to the production order PLD

Aug 11, 2017 at 05:04 AM


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Hi Experts

I have a UDF called U_Desc in the OWOR table

What I need to be done is get this UDF into the production order PLD

When I add a field to the PLD and select source as Database and then click on Tables, the OWOR table doesn't appear in there

How can I get the OWOR UDF into the production order PLD

Any suggestions would be much appreciated



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2 Answers

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Balaji Selvaraj Aug 11, 2017 at 05:30 AM

Hi Rahul,

Use ALT key. ie Press Alt and click table field to display.



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Hi Balaji

Thanks, Pressing the Alt key displayed all the tables

But I am not getting what i set out to do, and not as easy as what i thought

We have a UDF called U_Desc in the OWOR table. So when a Sales Order is raised a Project Name is typed in here

The requirement came up to display this project name on the production order PLD

So all rows of production orders in the sales order, when printed will show what project they belong too

I incorrectly thought that just adding a text field and selecting the U_Desc from the OWOR database will display the project names on the PLD

But it's not, it shows blank or picks a random name, not the name in the UDF

How do I solve this problem?

Thanks for your help


Share the screen shots . The U_Desc is in OWOR consisting of the Project Name. It should display if value(Project Name) exist else it will be blank in PLD


Hi Balaji

Please find attached screen shots


a.jpg (81.2 kB)
b.jpg (358.3 kB)
c.jpg (108.8 kB)
d.jpg (112.8 kB)

Hi Rahul,

Sorry for late reply.

Better to simply this is please pull the project name from Sale order to production order udf through FMS from there you can make it to PLD.


Hi Balaji

Thanks for that.

I have created a UDF in the Production Order called U_Desc

Now there is a UDF on the sales Order ORDR.[U_Desc]

and there is a UDF on the production order OWOR.[U_Desc]

I have written a FMS

Select ORDR.[U_Desc]
Where ORDR.DocNum = $[OWOR.OriginNum.0]

I was going to link them both to the sales order number

But when I go to select a field I can't find the sales order [DocNum]

Please help



Hi Rahul ,

Select the Production Order Orgin Number


Hi Balaji

Thanks - Now it works

Finally Thanks for your help



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Former Member Aug 18, 2017 at 09:02 AM


You can try to open system PLD and at the same time open the production order PLD.

Then copy the field from the system PLD that has OWOR table appear to production order PLD

Or just find a field in production order with OWOR table appear in the list.

Thank you

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