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Aug 09, 2007 at 04:36 PM

How does Accounting treatment for automatic postings accounting key KDF?


Hi All,

I need a clarification on the accounting/functionality for the account determination for exchange rate differences for open items.

In my case, One particular GL account will have the following accounts assigned for:

Exchange rate difference realized




Val loss1:AAAA

Val gain1:BBBB

Bal sheet adj1:CCCCC (automatic posting check box not itcked)



Bal sheet adj loss:AAAA


Bal sheet adj gain:BBBB

How the values are treated when posted to these accounts....and how the amount will be balanced or cleared when posted to Bal sheet adj1 account CCCC. even though this is not checked as automatic posting how the values are updated inthis account? please let me know. Its very urgent.

In case of translation accounts it has mentioned as bal sheet adj loss account, but in my configuration it is a P&L account. please clarify on this.

rewarded with full points.