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Aug 09, 2007 at 03:47 PM

FTPs - Status stuck in "Processing started"


I am running PI7.0 SP10.

I have a BPM conencting to a FTPs server to process multiple files into variable directories. All works well - apart from...

It is connecting to the Server okay, but not actually processing.

In the Message monitoring, it says - Processing started

Here is the audit log... The names have been changed to protect the innocent!

Success Message successfully received by messaging system. Profile: XI URL: http://server.fqdn:5<SYSNO>00/MessagingSystem/receive/AFW/XI Credential (User): XIISUSER

Success Using connection File_ Trying to put the message into the receive queue.

Success Message successfully put into the queue.

Success The message was successfully retrieved from the receive queue.

Success The message status set to DLNG.

Success Delivering to channel: FTP_Receiver_EmployeeLookUp

Success MP: entering

Success MP: processing local module localejbs/CallSapAdapter

Success File adapter receiver: processing started; QoS required: ExactlyOnce

Success File adapter receiver channel FTP_Receiver_EmployeeLookUp: start processing: party " ", service "XE_TST_3RD_FTP_001"

Success Connect to FTP server "ftp.ftp.ftp.ftp", directory "/variable/"

This is stuck in processing...

I have spoken to the "owners" of the ftp site...

In the their logs, they can see the connection, and "session started".

Has anyone come across this before? How can this be fixed/released and actually process?