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Intercompany Asset Transfer of Low Value Assets - Incorrect Depreciation forecast

Aug 10, 2017 at 01:40 PM


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Hi all,

I need to execute an intercompany asset transfer for all assets acquired in the current fiscal year. The default/original useful life for some of these assets is 1 year. I'm having an issue when transferring these assets as the forecasted depreciation is incorrect . For example Asset A in company code X was acquired in period 2 of the current fiscal year and depreciation has been run for 4 months. I'm now attempting to do the transfer from Asset A in company code X to Asset B in company code Y (within the same assets class). From my calculations, the remaining useful life is 8 months (12 months - 4 months) in the Asset B in company Code Y. The transfer postings in ABT1N are correct but when I go to AW01N in asset B in company code Y, the depreciation forecast amounts are incorrect and only go over 6 months instead of 8 months. I have managed to figure out that it has to do with the useful life being 0 years and 8 months, for some reason it seems that SAP does not calculate the depreciation correctly if the useful life in years is 0. How do I overcome this issue? The process works perfectly for all other assets which have a useful life of 1 year or more in the new assets.

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1 Answer

Bernhard Kirchner
Aug 31, 2017 at 10:29 AM

Hi Andre,

I'm not sure which kind of depreciation forecast do you want to make wiht a asset that has a useful life < 1 year.

Generally from the documentation:

1. The report date is in the past or in the current fiscal year:

    In this case, you can request the report for the last day of any period, providing that period is still open. If the previous fiscal year is already closed, you can only run reports for the last day of that year. For evaluations in the past, the system uses the report date to determine whether it should access the online database or an archive file.

2. The report date is in a future fiscal year:

    In this case, you can only run a report for the last day of the fiscal year concerned.

Note: You can only request a report based on depreciation posted in financial accounting with the last day of the last period in which depreciation was posted (or a following period) in the relevant fiscal year as the report date.

best regards


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