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Debug Object Dependency

Aug 10, 2017 at 09:14 AM


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Hi ,

I am trying to overwrite field VBAP-SERAIL of BOM components when BOM is exploded. To achieve that i have created a new characteristic and written a object dependency rule to overwrite SERAIL.

The below is the syntax :


When I am creating Sales Order for BOM , the SERIAL is not being over writtern and thereby creating a serial number .

I searched SCN to find a way to debug Object Dependency Rule created in CU01 tcode, but couldn't find it.

I appreciate if some one can help me to explain the process of debugging object dependency.



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2 Answers

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Veselina Peykova
Dec 19, 2017 at 04:52 PM

I do not know what exactly you are planning to troubleshoot - there is a trace option, a whole page in the wiki for LO-VC with function modules that can be used for debugging and a separate wiki page with hints on debugging low-level configuration. Just navigate to the main page Variant Configuration (LO-VC) and start reading - there is plenty of useful information.

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Might want to put this as an answer. :) I guess "searched SCN" is where OP took a wrong turn. Google finds this info right away.


It was not meant to be an answer to the original question but as a reply to the other member who bumped the thread, but OK...


I know. It seemed to answer OP question too though and now it's properly closed. All is well that ends well. :) Thank you!


Hi Veselina Peykova

Thanks for sharing the useful information.

I was able to debug object dependency after going through the Wiki-Object Dependency


Wilson Xing Dec 19, 2017 at 02:49 PM


Do you get the way of debugging the object dependency?

can u share it?

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Hi Wilson,

Please read the Wiki : Object Dependency,there are useful hints on how to set break-points.



Hi Always Learner

It is useful for me . Do not know how to express my thankful to you .

Very nice of you .