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i am new to NPS configaration , how to Fill the 0587 infotype for Only NPS Optees

Dear Experts

I am configuring the NPS , How to Fill the feilds in the 0587 infotype for only NPS optees,

actuvally there is different feilds in that infotype : like under general information:

Provident Fund Trust ID

Pention Trust ID;

Provident Fund Number:

Pension Number:

Under provident Fund:

VPF Percentage :

Basis for contribution :

radio buttons: Eligible pay or PF Basis Which ever is less / PF BASIS

Vpf Amount :

employers Details:

Provident fund:

Basis for contribution : Eligible pay of PF basis which ever is less / pf basis

under Pension different feilds are there:

contributing to pension international worker

Basis for contribution Eligible pay or PF Basis which ever is less

pf basis


Employee NPS Employer NPS same feils as employee

Eligible for NPS

Nps amount

Nps percentage

what are the manditory feils to check for NPS optees is there any new trust need to create or only RPF1 is enough

earliest reply very use full




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2 Answers

  • Aug 10, 2017 at 12:14 PM

    Hi Krish,

    If you only need to fill NPS details, then you don't need to use IT0587. IT0587 should be used for employees whose PF and Pension details are also maintained in the system and they also opt in to NPS.

    If you don't want to maintain PF details for a particular employee and only NPS details, you can simply go into IT0585 and maintain the employee's contribution to NPS under "Contribution to pension scheme of Central Government".

    However, if you have someone whose PF data is already maintained (or whose PF data you want to maintain along with NPS), then you only need to tick eligibility for NPS under "Employee NPS" or "Employer NPS" or both (as per the employee's requirement and your company policy) and the system will automatically calculate 10% of the basic as NPS contribution. You can also define your own percentage or a flat amount per month. If you opt for a Flat Amount LOP will not affect it. You can also check the configuration Notes 2458934 and 1880586.

    Best Regards,


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    • Hi Krish,

      If this employee is NPS optee only, then you should use IT0585 to enter his NPS contribution under the head "Contribution to pension scheme of Central Government" instead of using IT0587. IT0587 is meant to be used for employees who have PF contribution as well as NPS contribution or for employees who have only PF contribution.

      Best Regards,


  • Aug 21, 2017 at 06:21 AM

    Hi Aman

    Very good Morning

    So as you said above, employees does not have option to pay contribution only to NPS trust monthly like 10% on Basic and DA through 0587, with out opting EPF and Pention contributions.

    Client requirement here is who have opted NPS their contributions 10% on Basic and DA only deduct and maintain the system accordingly (tax calculation and exemptions) even if they don"t opt for EPF or Pention

    Is it possible to maintain through 0585 ? i.e 10% on Basic and DA contribution caluculation require from the employee side and employer side?

    how to over come the problem, please guide me on this.





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    • Hi Krish,

      In case you want to provide EMPLOYER NPS, you will need to use IT0587. Then, what you can do is leave the PF and Pension Trust ID blank for employees who aren't opting in to PF and Pension.

      Best Regards,