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CMS Query to get File Repository Server Properties

Aug 10, 2017 at 05:47 AM


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How to get the properties of File Repository Server using cms query?

(I can view FRS properties from console)

Any advice (sample links) would be much appreciated.



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4 Answers

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Joe Peters Aug 10, 2017 at 12:56 PM

Start with this query:

select si_hosted_services from ci_systemobjects where si_kind = 'server' and si_server_kind = 'fileserver'

This will get you most of what you're looking for, although you'll have to search through the results. To get Max Idle Time, for example, search the page for "Maximum Idle Time". You'll find it in a SI_ML_DISPLAY_NAME property bag. There will be a sibling of that bag named SI_VALUE, which will contain the actual value for the setting.

File directory is a bit more complicated. As above, you can search the page for "File Store Directory", and check in the associated SI_VALUE property. However, this will just display the same value that is displayed in the CMC -- if your FRS is set to use the default location, then this will be "%DefaultOutputFRSDir%" and "%DefaultInputFRSDir%". If you want to see the actual location (that is, what those placeholders are defined as), then you'll need another query:

select si_placeholders from ci_systemobjects where SI_KIND='enterprisenode'

Within this result, you'll find DefaultInputFRSDir and DefaultOutputFRSDir, along with the associated physical paths.

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Thanks Joe for the reply,

When I execute above queries.

Query 1 return results


2/100 etc

Query 2 return 0 results.

There are no such fields(si_hosted_services and si_placeholders) present in ci_systemobjects because when I execute this query(select * from ci_systemobjects where si_server_kind = 'fileserver')

i am getting 2 resultset, but it doesn't have si_hosted_services and si_placeholders fields.

Do I need to change any Settings/Rights in CMC to see these fields in query?




Which specific version are you on?



Sorry I can't show the values because of security reasons ,below fields are showing after executing this query

" Select * from ci_systemobjects where si_server_kind ='fileserver'"


Are you sure about that version? That's Crystal Enterprise 10, about 14 years old now.


Yes I am sure it is Crystal Enterprise 10


Ok, I can't help you, then. Sorry.

Manikandan Elumalai Aug 11, 2017 at 02:07 PM

QB queries that Joe provided should work if you are in BI 4.x. If you are looking for a specific property from CMC share us the screen capture of the same so that we can try to formulate the query for you.



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Graham Farr
Aug 10, 2017 at 08:27 AM

Hi Sarath,

The following query will retrieve all of the properties and data associated with the File Repository servers:
select * from ci_infoobjects,ci_systemobjects,ci_appobjects where si_description like '%File Repository%'

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Thanks much for the reply..

I executed the above query but I didn't get the properties of FRS.

(eg. if I select a Crystal File Repository Server through Console then I can see the properties like Root Directory and Maximum Idle Time under "Properties" tab.Can we get these details from query?)

Mahendran Mariappan Aug 15, 2017 at 01:05 PM

Hi Mani,

Currently we are using Business Objects 4.2.our Input and Output file repositories in CMC showing danger status(Red) also checked in Monitoring, showing lesser disk space. Can you suggest us how to increase the disk space in servers.



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you work with your infrastructure to increase the HD space. if it is VM, It is easy to increase the HD space. If it is physical servers, they may need to add extra disk space. I would suggest to move FRS location to SAN if it is prod server.


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