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Aug 09, 2007 at 06:32 AM



below jobs are scheduled like this:

1. SWWERRE -20min frq RSWWERRE low priority

2. SWWDHEX -3min freq RSWWDHEX High priority

3. SWWCOND -30min freq--RSWWCOND-Low priority

Actually we are using only one workflow, for releasing the created material(it seems it's a simple one).

when you create a material a mail is sent to the approver (used VIEWCREATE event..for some other purposes), if he approves the mat gets status active in sales and purchage views..thats scenario of the WF.

As i can see there are no conditions are maintained in TASK--CONDITIONS tab for any task.

At present i am sure that we are using only this workflow!

but they are creating materials very frequently:)

So pls let me know weather it is neccessary to run above jobs in such frq every day!?

the jobs are creating some problems in idoc procesing in other territory..they are blocking some SOs during idoc process..

I want to stop these jobs for now for temporary solution for the issue..

which other problems will be raised if I do so..

CAn you pls provide me with some documentation for those jobs

other than these 3 jobs let me know if any background jobs are there to assist WF..I have found only these three..i will chk them too

Last but not least:)

scheduling these it BASIS consult job or..others?