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ALV Custom Container Resizing

Hi SDNites,

I have 2 ALVs displayed in the same screen using method "set_table_for_first_display". There can be instances when one ALV is not displayed as it does not have any data. In this case I wanted to increase the size of the ALV displayed on the screen to cover full screen. Can you please advise if the same is possible?



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  • Yes it's possible, but the answer will be different if the two ALV are in 2 custom containers in the same dynpro, or in something else.

  • Can you please elaborate. Also sample code will be of great help.

    In my case I have 2 custom container. Each container is mapped to an ALV. Can you please advise how to increase the container size dynamically where 2nd ALV has no data.?

  • I guess you use splitter controller to get two ALV's when you know that there is not data in second ALV do not split the container and use the main container as parent.

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