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Aug 09, 2007 at 05:02 AM

Pricing problem in Resource Related Billing......


Problem in DP91 (Price not coming in Debit Memo Request):

We are having the following process

1. Create Sales Order.

2. Time Recording:

a. Create Time entry Sheet. (w.r.t. Sales Order) - (CAT2).

b. Approve the time entry sheet. (CATS_APPR_LITE)

c. Transfer the approved times to controlling. (CAT7)

3. Trip Sheet:

a. Create Trip Sheet (w.r.t. Sales Order) - (PR05).

b. Approve the Trip Sheet. (PR05).

c. Settle the Trip Sheet. (PR05)

d. Do Posting Run (PRFI).

e. Do Posting of Posting Run (PRRW).

4. Debit Memo Request (DP91) (w.r.t. Sales Order number and item).

5. Billing (VF04) (w.r.t. Debit Memo Request)

We are facing a problem when we are doing the Debit Memo Request. When we do the Debit memo request (DP91), the number of hours approved and transferred to controlling (CAT7) and the price which is in the sales order should be automatically copied into the Debit memo request.,

But only the number of hours is being copied from CAT7 but the price from sales order is not getting copied to Debit memo request.

Can any one help me out in solving the problem

The process is working fine in one client where as the same is not working in the other client.