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Former Member
Aug 08, 2007 at 07:45 PM

Process chain


Hi Gurus

I am creating the process chain in BW dev environment. I ahve a situation where one ODS is getting data from 4 different ODS. Now do I need to create 4 different varients to activate the ODS after each load or I can create one varient once everything is loaded to my ODS to activate it?

I have same problem for deleting Index for the cube , Do I need to create seperate varient for seperate cubes to delete index from the cube before data loading or I can create one varient and use it all the time?

It would be nice if you can tell me why do we have this varients , can't we use processes directly ? I mean can't we just say Activate XYZ ods and delete index from ABC cube?

When we create AND process in process chain , what should we keep in our mind ? I dont see any settings required when we create AND process in process chain, its asking me to enter name only.