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Aug 08, 2007 at 03:50 PM

Outbound Delivery Isuues


Hello All,

First I want to thank everyone for their timely responses, you have been a great help. I have a problem with my outbound deliveries to our subcontracting Vendors. We do not have any type of link between our PO's and our outbound deliveries today when we send material to our subcontracting Vendors nor do I know how to do that. Anyway my problem is that when the outbound delivery is created and shipped there is no reference to the PO on the packing slip so our subcontracting Vendors have no idea why they need this material. Is there an easy way to reference the PO# in the outbound delivery to get it to show on the packing slip? This is causing us a bunch of problems with our Vendors. Thank you for your help.