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Former Member
Aug 08, 2007 at 03:34 PM

Popup window with caption and border, Not internal window.


Hi, I'm a newbie in WebDynpro and this is my very first post in this forum, so I hope some one can help me!

I have a table with some items and with some LinkToAction in each row, with this I need to show a Popup and I was trying with <b>createModalWindow</b>

and with <b>createExternalWindow</b>.

I have problems with both, not to mention that the last one is deprecated right now.

With the first one, createModalWindow I reach the functionality that I need, but I don't like that kind of popup, reading some documentation, it's called an internal popup, that only can use the display portion of it's parent, so I can't use that solution, because the screen size of it's parent is small and the popup is bigger that the parent.

The second one, createExternalWindow, is that visually I need, but not functionally, because, it creates another session with another controller and I can't fire plugs to parent.

So, Is there any way to create a popup window, I mean a really popup, with caption and border in the same session with the same controller that can fire plugs to it's parent but with it own window, not using the parent window?

I'm using Developer Studio 7.0.07 and Net Weaver 2004 S, WebDynpro with Java.