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Former Member
Aug 10, 2017 at 10:54 AM

FTR_EDIT - Term End date should be decreased and Interest income should not be updated to accounting


Dear TRM experts,

We have created the product type 'Loan given - Capex' , Activity 1 (Contract) and Transaction type -101 (Investment auto default provision)

Term start date 01.01.2009 and End date 31.12.2049 and final repayment on 31.12.2049.

Cash flow has been updated with flow types of 1211(default interest auto provision) and 1212 (provision for bad debts) till 31.12.2049 as per FTR_EDIT and when we check TBB1 transaction, Interest income is trying to update the accounting in 4th period but we have closed accounting 4th period and it is not allowing to Decrease the end date to 31.3.2017 as the requirement is to close this term with out updating 'Interest income' to finance.

Kindly suggest how to decrease the Term 'end date' in FTR_EDIT and to not to post the Interest income.