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Create and schedule job by importing excel sheet of jobs in Redwood

Aug 10, 2017 at 10:06 AM


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I'm new to Redwood/SAP CPS, I need some clarification on below points.

Instead of creating/scheduling jobs manually in Redwood, by uploading excel sheet of jobs and by writing redwood scripts, can we create and schedule job?

or can we develop third party portal to extract jobs from excel and deploy to Redwood ? is this possible ?

Ultimately everyday i'm getting 100's of jobs to be create and schedule. I want to avoid the manual process. If i get some idea, it would be helpful .

Yokesvaran Kumarasamy

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B. Valentijn Aug 16, 2017 at 11:14 PM

Hi Yokesvaran,

In theory both options you describe are possible. But I would say the webportal method would be the most work.

You can do this with redwood script. Redwood script can create and schedule jobs.

What you can do is, create a new redwood script job definition, with a parameter field of type FILE.
Whenever you submit this job definition, you will be promted for an input file.

Then you need to write the redwood script code to read that file and process it line by line.
If your input file contains, abap name + variant for example, you can have redwood script iterate your file and create or modify jobdefinitions or schedule jobs.

But you will have to write the code for it.
If your input file is a textfile you can do with standard redwood script. If you must read excel directly, you will need an external java library (apache poi) to read excel files in java.

You also need cronacle including the scripting license.

Kind regards,

Bas Valentijn

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Thanks :) for the clarifications B. Valentijn,

Your post seems like, we can write redwood scripts within redwood framework to extract and execute jobs from excel. is my understanding right ? or

Can we write redwood scripts with in third party portals (Say J2ee web application) by including redwood libraries ? to extract and create jobs from an Excel ?

(sry for repetitive nature of my question)

Also can you help me with Redwood script tutorials or documentations ? i tried googling, but found nothing useful.


Yokesvaran Kumarasamy


The first one, Yes, you can write redwood script on the redwood system to process your excel file.

Second one, No, you can not use redwood libraries one external frameworks.

There is not a lot of info on the web about it.
You can have a look here

But the best documentation is in the help of cronacle itself.
Do you have the full standalone redwood version, or the one the comes with SAP (CPS) ?




Hi B. Valentijn

I do have standalone redwood version and i'm trying to enhance this feature in redwood.

Yokesvaran Kumarasamy