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Former Member
Aug 08, 2007 at 01:52 PM

query - WF container empty ?


Hi All,

I am facing a very peculiar problem.

In my WF BO-FIPP is used

1) I have created a step with ztask and zmethod (method fetches the document type from FV60 screen).Have done the bindings :

method --> Task ---> WF.

2) have put the condition step if : &documenttype& = X ,then proceed otherwise stop WF.

whenever I test my Wf through swdd,then its working fine.

But the problem is : whenever a document is parked through FV60, event trace gives the info that receiver WF starts correctly ,but it always stop WF

as condition is never met and WF container variable "documenttype" is empty .

and while testing it through swdd, WF container variable "documenttype" is filled with values and according to the condition WF proceeds .

I am fail to understand wat is missing or why WF variable is not filled with data if we park document through FV60 while it has the values if we test it through swdd.

Please advice how to go about it .

Best Regards